A little bit about me.

My name is Ronald, I’m a 34 year old designer from The Netherlands. I’ve been working in the design industry for the last 8 years, and during this time I had the opportunity to work for companies like TalpaThe University of SydneyThyssenKrup, Schneider Electric and many more others around the world. I love design! Doesn’t matter if it’s digital art, 2d or 3d, animated or stil. That passion has kept me motivated to keep evolving my technical skills and to always be on the lookout for more knowledge, improving myself as a designer.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned about the 3d industry is that “everyone has something to learn, and, everyone has something to teach”. This simple sentence works in many ways, it helps me to be more professional and respectful towards my teammates, have more appreciation for teamwork and never put my own opinion above other people’s.

I’m primarily a self-taught artist – every skill that I have, I developed through self study and from my industry experience. I’m responsive, strong-minded, dedicated to my work and most important: I’m adaptive. Learning new tools, pipelines, workflows or techniques has never been an obstacle for me.

The main mindset during my career has been that I always try to avoid a “comfort zone”. For me, being proficient in something doesn’t mean that you can’t still improve.

As mentioned before, I like what I do, even when working under tight deadlines or pressure, I always try to keep a positive vibe. For me this always improves an outcome, be it for a solo gig or working within a team.


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